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  • What are the benefits of medical massage for veterans?
    While massage helps people in all professions, military members can especially benefit from the calming effects of massage. After working hard to serve our country, veterans deserve to finally know the feeling of complete wellness. The powerful touch of massage does wonders for the mind, body and soul. Several studies show that massage therapy is not only one of the preferred methods of complementary medicine for vets, it is also one of the most effective. The health benefits of massage are well known, so it comes as no surprise that military veterans are capitalizing on these benefits. Several studies quantify the positive effects of massage on veterans: specifically, one study published in Military Medicine magazine, highlights the following positive results: > Improvement in physical pain. Subjects in the study had lower ratings of pain and physical tension over the eight-week trial while using massage therapy. > Anxiety and irritability reduction. Veterans in the study reported lower overall anxiety, stress, worry and irritability after undergoing massage therapy. > Depression and PTSD improvement. Veterans suffering from depression and post-traumatic stress disorder saw “significant improvements” during the study while using massage. > Partner benefits. Veterans who had partners that participated in the study also reported improvements in self-compassion, depression and worry. Not only were benefits conferred after receiving a massage, the study also pointed to lower baseline levels for tension and irritability in the long run. These baseline stress levels appeared to decline over the course of eight weeks of consistent massage therapy. Contact Greg Smith of Veteran's Medical Massage and he can help you learn. more about how medical massage can help you and yours.
  • How do I know I am Eligible for Medical Massage?
    According to the Veteran's Administration Community Care Network website: Veterans may be eligible for care through a provider in their local community depending on their health care needs or circumstances, and if they meet specific eligibility criteria. Even if a Veteran is eligible for community care, they generally still have the option to receive care from a VA medical facility.In most cases, Veterans must receive approval from VA before receiving care from a community provider to avoid being billed for the care. VA staff members generally make all eligibility determinations for community care. For more information check out the VA Community Network webpage at
  • Can I schedule an appointment with Veteran's Medical Massage?
    Once the VA and/or your VA health provider has determined your eligiibity to receive medical massage, either you or a VA staff member schedules appointment with a provider in VA’s network. Greg Smith and Veteran's Medical Massage are accredited community providers through the VA. Greg Smith also does business as On-Site Chair Massage and may be listed as such through the VA. Either way, know you are in good hands with Greg Smith, LMT, MMP.
  • What are the specific eligility criteria for a veteran to receive Community Care?
    A Veteran’s eligibility for community care depends on his/her individual health care needs or circumstances. Please note the following about eligibility for community care: Veterans must receive approval from VA prior to obtaining care from a community provider, in most circumstances. Veterans must either be enrolled in VA health care or be eligible for VA care without needing to enroll to be eligible for community care. Eligibility for community care will continue to be dependent upon a Veteran’s individual health care needs or circumstances. VA staff members generally make all eligibility determinations. More information can be found on the VA Community Care website, or contact Greg Smith for further assistance.
  • What is the process to for eligibility, scheduling and payment?"
    1. Eligibility    VA confirms a Veteran’s eligibility to receive community care. 2. Appointments   Veteran or a VA staff member schedules appointment with a provider in VA’s network. 3. Getting Care   Veteran receives care from a community provider in the VA's network. 4. Billing Community provider sends the claim to a Third Party Administrator (TPA) or VA for payment. More information can be found on the VA Community Care website or by contacting Greg Smith.
  • How is an appointment scheduled?
    Before scheduling an appointment, it is important for the Veteran to confirm with a VA staff member that they are eligible and authorized for community care. Once authorized to receive community care, they have several options for scheduling an appointment with a community provider, depending on the type of care they need. A Veteran may be able to: >Directly schedule an appointment with Greg Smith and Veteran's Medical Massage by using the contact form or calling Greg directly at 314-504-2493 or emailing and inform a VA staff member about the appointment. >Have a VA staff member schedule the appointment with Greg Smith and Veteran's Medical Massage. >Have VA's Third Party Administrator (TPA) schedule the appointment with Greg Snith and Veteran's Medical Massage. When an appointment is scheduled, VA will send the Veteran and Greg Smith a referral. VA will also send the Veteran's medical documentation to Greg to ensure proper care coordination between their VA care team and Veteran's Medical Massage.
  • How are Billing and Payments handled?
    After receiving care from Veteran's Medical Massage, Veterans may have to pay a copayment for nonservice-connected care, just as the Veteran would if care was received at a VA medical facility. Community providers such as Veteran's Medical Massage, cannot bill or collect a VA copayment directly from Veterans. All VA copayments are billed as part of VA’s billing process. VA may also bill insurance companies for care that is nonservice-connected. More information about VA Veteran copayments and health insurance is available on the VA Community Care website.
  • How is VMM and Greg Smith handling COVID Safety Measures?
    VMM's top priority is to deliver an unparalleled experience of restoration and renewal to our clients, and in this time of COVID that resolve has never been stronger. We have raised the bar of hygiene and sanitation, as well as considering every step of your service experience to ensure we meet your needs in a focused and safe manner that is in accordance with CDC guidelines. Please see our Safety Standards page for more information.
  • Will I need to remove my clothing?
    No! We want you as comfortable as possible. Medical massage is unlike standard massage. Everything can be done with you fully clothed. Simply wear comfortable clothing such as a t-shirt and shorts or leggings for women.
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